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Welcome to Rentmore.us, the place for do-it-yourself property managers

Rentmore.us offers FREE listings of apartments for managers & landlords and FREE searches for tenants.

Not only can you add your apartments and list them, but when you un-list your apartments they stay in the system so that you don't have to enter them each time thereby saving you time.

Will free listings remain free?
Yes. We want to keep this free to our users.

Why do you offer it free when other sites require payment?
We have built Rentmore.us to offer free listings for tenants and managers, because we want managers to have an easy and cost effective way of reaching a lot prospective tenants. We also know by making this free we will also ensure more people using the service which give the manager the added benefit of reaching a larger audience. This ensures lower vacancy and higher quality in tenants.

Why should you use Rentmore.us compared to the few free sites currently offering free listings?
Sites, like Craigslist, also offer free listings. Craigslist is a great free service, but has some limitations in regards to re-listing, how to organize your listing and the fact that it is not only for rental listings. This is where specific rental sites come in. The majority of rental sites are not free, charging up to $50 per month just for online listings.

The advantages with Rentmore.us are many. The main advantages are that we offer more structured detail in our listings and the option of re-listing your vacancies thereby saving you precious time. And we offer this completely free. By having more structure and detail in your rental listing this ensures that prospective tenants more easily can find your ad, but also that you will not get disturbed by prospective tenants being confused with the various abbreviations etc. Most sites, including Craigslist, do not offer the option of saving your apartments permanently and you will therefore have to re-enter them every time there is a vacancy. With Rentmore.us you can re-list your apartment with a few clicks.

What else does Rentmore.us have to offer?
Rentmore.us is for do-it-yourself property managers. It is created by property managers for property managers.

We have an aggressive plan to add a lot of extra services that will make your job easier and more efficient. Some of the services will be free; some will have a small price. By charging for these additional services we will be able to keep apartment listings free.

Current services (All are currently free):
  • Detailed listings with pictures.
  • Listing statistics for listing optimization New!
  • Map functionality to show the location of the listing.
  • Map functionality to show all listings in a given city.
  • Messaging system for tenants interested in your listings making your email anonymous until you choose to reply back.
  • Listing search functionality for tenants.
  • Email a friend. A tenant can very easily email a rental listing to a friend who might be interested in the rental.
  • Tenant Management Service New!

  • Here's a short list of upcoming services:
  • Vendor database.
  • Categorize your apartments in buildings giving better structure if you manage several buildings.
  • Forum where you can meet and talk with fellow managers.
  • Articles.
  • Various forms for printout to use in your daily work.
  • Email reminders for various events like rent increases etc.
  • Email reminders for tenants showing that a new listing in their interest area has been added.
  • ...

  • Feel free to contact us (Use the big ? on the top right corner) if you have any suggestions or wish to request a change in functionality priorities.

    If you have any suggestions it will be greatly appreciated and will be taken very serious. Please click on the big ? on the top right corner and send us an email.

    So what are you waiting for? Go Sign up. Remember it's FREE and it doesn't take more than 5 minutes to sign up. What do you have to loose?

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