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Brand new editor
We've just added a brand new editor for editing your apartment description. Now you can create the description that attracts attention. Works like a simplified document handling program like Word. You can choose between different fonts, font-sizes, bold, italic and much more.

Minimize and Maximize
You can now minimize and maximize the most used boxes in the apartment form. The system will remember which boxes you have minimized. This is great if you only use a certain part of the apartment information. You will see a Maximize or a Minimize depending on it being maximized or minimized.

Tenant Export
By request you can now export your tenants to Outlook and other programs. Next to each tenant there is now a Export to Outlook icon. If you click this icon Rentmore.us will send you a .vcf file. This file is a standard format that enables you to import your tenant into Outlook, other contact management systems and also your cell phone. To use this and other tenant functionality you need to be a tester. You can Apply HereIts FREE!

Preferred Rental Listings
We are very proud to announce the release of Preferred Rental Listings. We are currently looking for testers to try it out completely free. You can apply and read more here

Refer a friend
Now it's possible to spread the word and recommend Rentmore.us to your friends and associates.

Advanced search for tenants
Even more search terms has now been added to the Apartment Search functionality.

It is now possible to enable auto logon, so that you don't have to reenter your login information every time. You can enable it in the logon window before you logon.

Copy an apartment
Now you can easily create several similar apartments without having to re-enter the same information many times. Just create one apartment and click copy (Next to the Save button) and you've created a brand new apartment.

Reverse lookup on phonenumber
Now you can check if the prospective tenants are actually at the address they say. Verify employer, previous landlords etc

New Search Terms
By popular request tenants can now search on even more search terms making it easier for them to find your place.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, bugs or anything don't hesitate to send us an email. We want to hear what you think. Please use the ? on the right top corner

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